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Great women of Rome

Our Hotel Alpi is a female hotel, we have reached the third generation of women in the management of our Boutique Hotel a stone’s throw from Termini station. Precisely for this reason, in celebrating World Women’s Day, we want to make our small contribution to the area that belongs to us most, that of Rome […]

The 5 most romantic spot in Rome

There are places, off the beaten track in the eternal city, that are only allowed to Romans. Only those who live here get to know and appreciate them; they are the most romantic places in Rome. In this post I will list just 5 of them, the ones I am most fond of and that […]

Looking for a 4 star Hotel in Rome with great reviews?

When we’re not working here at Hotel Alpi, we too love to become tourists. Our preferred destinations… well, let me talk about myself: hello, I’m Laura. I was saying, my favorite destination is the city twinned with Rome, the only one, as an ancient saying goes, worthy of being twinned with the Eternal City: Paris. […]

Best Internet Rate, Always.

Our daily commitment is to offer the best guaranteed rate on our website. That’s why: Before the advent of what we call Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), around the year 2000, and especially before they took over, around 2007 or 2008, customers entering our Boutique Hotel in Rome found us in guides, more or less interactive […]

Getting to know the 3rd generation

Having travelled around the hotel from an early age, Giorgia and Maria Vittoria are part of the family now in its third generation to run Hotel Alpi, a Boutique Hotel just a few steps from Termini Station.Proud of the achievements of the company that started with 8 rooms in 1963, today they work together to […]

Sustainable 4 star hotel in Rome

A few days ago, in Rome, an important international event for our world was held, the G20, hosted by the Italian government and focused on 3 major themes: Planet, Prosperity, People. The theme of sustainability was central in the discussions of the leaders of the most developed countries, a theme that concerns the future of […]

Christmas in Rome

Rome is the city of Christmas, the city of the most ancient, most heartfelt traditions, not only for the presence of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, but also for the very long tradition of celebrations, rituals and, why not, typical dishes linked to the millenary tradition of Christmas in Rome. There are many appointments that […]

Più notti, Più sogni

Thanks to an initiative of the Lazio Region, Hotel Alpi offers its guests a unique opportunity! One more night if you book 3, and two more nights if you book 5. (VAT and tourist tax for free nights are excluded from the offer) Book directly on our website or call us or ask for information […]


Those who come to Rome in the Summer are usually motivated by some intelligent factors that have guided their choice. Normally Rome in the Summer is much less crowded, even because a good number of Romans take advantage of the warm months to take their summer holidays. The museums have no queues, the streets free of […]