Looking for a 4 star Hotel in Rome with great reviews?

When we’re not working here at Hotel Alpi, we too love to become tourists. Our preferred destinations… well, let me talk about myself: hello, I’m Laura. I was saying, my favorite destination is the city twinned with Rome, the only one, as an ancient saying goes, worthy of being twinned with the Eternal City: Paris.

“Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris”
“Seule Paris est digne de Rome ; seule Rome est digne de Paris”

But that’s another story. We were saying that even I, when I manage to carve out my little spaces, love to travel. Regardless of the destination, I too have to look for the Hotel. Apart from destinations I know, like Paris, where I always go to the same boutique Hotel, just like many customers of our Hotel Alpi, when I look for new locations, like you, I consider a series of factors, and these are:
The photos, the general presentation, the stars, and… the reviews.

As a hotelier with several decades of experience, I consider it essential to offer our guests an authentic and realistic image of our structure, both through photos and in the presentation. The stars, although a useful criterion, are now almost outdated, as I seek quality and authenticity more than the stars themselves. For example, I prefer a 4-star hotel with extraordinary reviews over a 5-star hotel with just sufficient reviews. And if I were to find a 2-star hotel with enthusiastic reviews, I could very well overlook the number of stars.

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This reasoning inexorably brings us to reviews, both a blessing and a curse for us hoteliers.

With the advent of online reviews, customer attention has grown significantly. Positive reviews can help in competition, but there needs to be a balance, as overly enthusiastic reviews can backfire. Transparency is the key.

They express the true level of our structure. Our reviews? Not bad for our 4-star Hotel in Rome… online travel agencies rate us with an excellent 8.6 out of about 1,800 reviews, while Google gives us a 4.5 out of 5 based on 700 reviews. TripAdvisor places us among the top 80 hotels in Rome, with a solid 4.5 out of 5.

We also value negative reviews, as they offer valuable insights for constant improvement. If you want to share your experience, we would be delighted to receive your review. Our goal for this year? Improve in every possible aspect. Our New Year’s resolution is to be among the top 40 hotels in Rome. We are working with dedication and our usual passion because hosting you is always an honor.

We hope to welcome you soon to Hotel Alpi, where comfort combines with quality to create an unforgettable experience.”