Best Internet Rate, Always.

Our daily commitment is to offer the best guaranteed rate on our website. That’s why:

Before the advent of what we call Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), around the year 2000, and especially before they took over, around 2007 or 2008, customers entering our Boutique Hotel in Rome found us in guides, more or less interactive listings, or at travel agencies. Our job was to be present on all these channels to reach you, our customers, to present the value of our 4-star Hotel in Rome and allow you to make a choice. Since around 2008, most of our customers come from the internet through OTAs, such as Booking or Expedia, or many others. 

However, we also have our own sales channel on the internet, a disintermediated channel, a direct link between the producer (Hotel Alpi) and the consumer (Customers, or rather… Guests). On the one hand, like all hotels worldwide, we pay a commission to OTAs for every booking we receive through their sites. On the other hand, we don’t have to pay any costs (except those related to the website and systems), so we are free to keep prices just a little lower but above all to provide extra services to our guests.

Is there a security issue in booking through the hotel’s website? No, because the systems for updating and managing rooms and rates are… the same! 

Is there a possibility of having problems with the reservation? No, ours is a 4-star Hotel in Rome, regularly recognized by all institutions, and we adhere to laws, strict but fair, that we fully support.

Oh, we forgot, for us, all guests are equal and deserve the utmost attention. As for the next hotel you will visit… Book on their website… or call the hotel. They, like us, are waiting for you.