3 best places for Picnic in Rome

Not everyone knows that Rome is the European capital with the most green areas, including parks, villas and public gardens. More than 3,200 total hectares dedicated to the nature, from the marvelous noble villas of the center to the hunting reserves. A mixture of nature, archeology and art available to everyone for wonderful walks and, why not, Pic Nic in Rome.
Especially now that the summer has just begun, the parks of Rome are particularly suited to host Romans and tourists who want to spend a “déjeuner sur l’herbe” in the center, among the architectural beauties of Rome, and outside, for example on the Appia Ancient. But let’s go for order those that we think are the 3 best places for Pic Nic in Rome:

1) Villa Borghese, the most central of the historic villas of Rome.



Actually, Villa Borghese deserves a full day’s visit, if not more. It takes its name from the Borghese family who owned this area since the 1500s. Now it is a park that unites the center of Rome with the Parioli district, within which you can find splendid architectural works created by architects of all ages and the famous Galleria Borghese, with works by Caravaggio and Bernini, among others, as well as the famous Paolina Bonaparte (or Paolina Borghese) work by Canova.

There is a wide choice of places where to do the Pic Nic at Villa Borghese, here we will indicate some of them:



2) Parco delle Caffarella e Appia Antica



Even the park of Caffarella and Appia Antica would deserve one or more days of visit. For the quantity and variety of architectural and historical beauties found there. Walking through this park, the long, tumultuous and rich history of Rome flows visually. We talked about it here too!
In our opinion the best places to stop for a Pic Nic are these:



3) Villa Doria Pamphili


The largest public park in Rome with its 184 Hectares after the Appia Antica park. It is also a noble reserve that extends from the Vatican area, following the Aurelia Antica towards the outside of the city. Rich in manicured lawns and villas like this one with Italian gardens, it fits perfectly in a picnic in Rome, with food and, why not, even a ball to play with children and friends. These are the points we have selected:



Ready for PicNic then? If you have booked at least 3 nights at the Hotel Alpi (on our website) we will give you a basket for your picnic in Rome, with two ready-made sandwiches, two fruit and a bottle of water!