Why are we a Boutique Hotel in Rome?

What do we really mean by Boutique Hotel? And why do we define ourselves like this?

We, like our customers, love traveling: sea, mountains, beautiful cities. We all believe that travel is the only true form of enrichment for one’s own culture and sensitivity; traveling improves.

It is the confrontation that enriches our culture and our sensitivity, the different widens our horizons and the encounter with cultures different from ours allows us to rework our beliefs and even our tastes.

For this reason, when we travel, we at Hotel Alpi  prefer hotels that express local tastes and a welcoming spirit, with the same comfort and safety. 

The term Boutique Hotel was born in the USA to indicate medium / small hotels characterized by personalized service and a characteristic, non-standardized style.

The term of comparison was, and is, that with the international chains from hundreds of hotels that make the standard a fundamental requirement. Hotels that are the same all over the world where there is no difference when entering your room in London or Lisbon.

We have chosen to express our sensitivity and our taste through the Hotel Alpi, both in the furnishings, carefully chosen piece by piece, and in the reception and in the relationship with our Guests.




This is why we define ourselves as a Boutique Hotel in Rome . We wanted and we want to be independent and offer the maximum of Italian and Roman hospitality in particular. We choose a personalized service, assisting our Guests personally for any need or need, enriching our service rooms that over time we have seen to be important for business or holiday travelers.



In our Boutique Hotel you will find the maximum comfort and service combined with the originality of our hospitality.