The great television on your screens

To visit Rome and its 3.000 years of history is a full time job, but if you need some relax in the evening after long walkings among monuments and arts Hotel Alpi offers to all its guests the amazing HD of Mediaset Premium, the Italian platform of digital television, with brand new screens from 32’’ (in Double and Superior rooms) to 42’’ (in Triple, Deluxe and Family rooms).

In the week-ends, leisurely relaxing in your rooms, you will have access to the most important football games of the Serie A, live and in HD, with the main teams, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Roma, Lazio and Fiorentina, battling to get the scudetto on their shirts. In the middle of the weeks our guests can watch all Champions League’s matches. If you prefer American sports, our digital telly offers the super athletes of the NFL fighting to get access to the main event of the 2016: the L (50th) Superbowl in California that will be live on our screens like all the Monday Nights, the traditional Mondays’ event in which the main teams fight for the supremacy in the league.

Every day at every time for our movie lovers guests there are 6 channels all dedicated to the most important art of the 20th century, broadcasting 2,500 movies in a year, about 50 weekly. Not only the great blockbusters, but classic movies too. Furthermore, there are 3 channels for the TV series, the media genre most original and popular nowadays, with a rich catalogue of sitcoms, like the geek cult The Big Bang Theory, action, like the ones created from the DC Universe Arrow, The Flash and Gotham, crime, like the stylish BBC’s Sherlock and the controversial Orange is the new black. Movies and series are all in original language too.


Last, but not least, if you need information we provide the top class in the world: CNN, BBC, France24 ZDF e Russia Today.

Whenever you want, night and day, your room will be your second home: comfortable, welcoming and all your favourite TV contents…and without knocking three times to get it.