The breakfast club

Yes, we do look forward to going on holiday, seeing new places, meeting different people,  getting to know the history of a place… having fun.

But mornings are sacred for everyone.

Whether you are a morning or night person, when you are on holiday the fine line between a good day and an excellent day depends a lot on that centuries old morning ritual: breakfast.

In the hotel we observe you as you cross the hall before breakfast: your faces look pleasantly sleepy, still charmed by the beauty that Rome has shown you the previous day, and maybe the Sandman has been charmed as well since it seems that you still cannot get rid of him!

You enter the breakfast hall, little by little your eyes start gleaming and we like to think that they gleam because of the delicacies that we have on offer every morning. You sit, you taste your favourite croissant, a slice of that cake that looks yummy whilst sipping coffee or a juice made with the fresh fruits that are delivered to our hotel every morning…or maybe you prefer savoury food, because you feel it gives you the right amount of energy to spend the day discovering the eternal city.

Have you had a wild night and got lost in the alleys of Rome? Then your step is a bit slower, the choice is a bit more difficult and the coffee corner with unlimited use of Illy coffee is your safe haven where you can fully charge your batteries.

Are you a family? Your kids don’t know what to choose after trying the first slice of ring cake, with their plate full of crumbs and wishing to try new things.

Are you in Rome on a work trip? You will absolutely enjoy this moment regardless, because it will give you the energy to live your day at your best.

Hotel Alpi can also provide gluten free breakfast for our guests.

You got it, breakfast is our favourite meal, it’s the meal we are looking forward to. The moment in which you suddenly stop and realise that you have eaten much more than you would have eaten at home, you think about it, you frown, and then you smile again because you are on holiday and therefore everything is allowed…and we smile as well, because we feel on holiday too!