Our Summer in Rome

We say goodbye to an unusual summer in Rome

It was a truly unusual summer in Rome. A few more days and the wonderful Roman autumn will take over, with its unique charm of colors, sunsets, with those melancholy and romantic atmospheres that only Rome can dress.

A summer in Rome that we at the Boutique Hotel Alpi have chosen to live with you, in a city that is always magical even if empty of tourists who normally live there. The museums with very little turnout, the beauties of Rome “all for you”, as a Roman song sings, the sunny and silent streets.

In fact, in some respects our Summer in Rome was a splendid rediscovery. We were able to dedicate even more time to our guests by having the opportunity to get to know each other, to share our experiences by becoming friends, to quote the words of one of our guests “we came as customers, we leave as friends”.


We too at Hotel Alpi have had the opportunity to enjoy our city, to be tourists in the Eternal City too, a city that we love and that strikes us every day, a continuous rediscovery. Rome is a city that welcomes and communicates with visitors, it does so with the thousand beauties that make it famous, with the alleys of the ancient city, with the people who live there. An atmosphere that is always welcoming despite being a large metropolis.

An open-air museum enriched by great artists of the past and present.
We start from here, taking back the space and time to dedicate to each one so that your journey will give you happiness.
Rome is an open city and its beauty, its history and its mystery, which have always made the world dream, now finally appear accessible and unmissable without the large crowds.