Ideas for a Weekend in Rome

Taking advantage of this uncrowded summer, we too have had the opportunity to rediscover our city and, together with the guests who have stayed in our Hotel Alpi, we have created a small path, an idea for a weekend in Rome, perhaps in October, the month magic of the city.

Two nights and Three days, just a weekend in Rome, to savor the climate and the beauty of the city. Let’s start on the day of arrival!


The best way to start the Weekend in Rome is a simple walk from our Boutique Hotel Alpi towards the Colosseum, a smart way to get “familiar” with the city. Along the way you will find the Rione Monti, a historic district with a less touristy feel than others, dotted with small art galleries and wineries, good restaurants, artisans, vintage shops. Excellent choice for an aperitif around the fountain in Piazza della Madonna dei Monti or a good ice cream in Piazza degli Zingari. Then you can choose to stop and admire the wonders of Imperial Rome or continue towards Piazza di Pietra, a pedestrian area in the heart of the historic center, an outdoor lounge, a lively meeting place, made even more suggestive by the play of lights, sounds and images that illuminate the colonnade of the Temple of Hadrian at nightfall.

To see around the Colosseum :

  1. Journey to the Forums
    A multimedia show revives the history of the Forum of Augustus.
    Seated on a grandstand in via Alessandrina, spectators will be able to enjoy an exciting representation rich in historical and scientific information that through films, projections and voices reconstruct the Forum of Augustus as it appeared in Ancient Rome. The show is available in 8 languages ​​with three replicas of 40 minutes each evening (20 – 21 – 22).
    Full ticket available on at a cost of 15 euros.
  2. Lights on Adriano
    Every evening at 9 pm, the Roman Temple of Hadrian in Piazza di Pietra revives intense emotions by giving 12 minutes of plays of light, images and sounds and reconstructing the birth, destruction, dispossession and reuse of the temple.


Second Day!

Surely you will have taken into account, in your Weekend in Rome, a visit to the Vatican Museums and to St. Peter’s Basilica with its dome from which you can observe a breathtaking view over the center of Rome. (Attention on Sundays the Vatican Museums are closed) After your visit to the Vatican City you can walk along Via della Conciliazione from St. Peter’s Square and arrive at Castel Sant’Angelo and the bridge of the same name from which you will enjoy another postcard of the city ( This is also one of the best places to take pictures in Rome ). If you are looking for a bit of rest and coolness in these last days of September you can finally reach the sixteenth-century gardens of Villa Borghese and let yourself be captivated by the riches of antiquarian, zoological and floral collections that characterize the most important park in the city and enjoy the art installations. contemporary with the Back to Nature event.


The exhibition, with completely free admission, mainly involves the Parco dei Daini, the Piazza di Siena area and that of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. Ten stages of a real treasure hunt in which world-famous contemporary artists have been called to create works that interact with the precious ancient and Renaissance statues of the park. Each work will be at the center of musical performances and performances. Every Saturday at 6.30 pm a concert will be held by the National Academy of Santa Cecilia around the sculpture of Tresoldi at the Parco dei Daini while during the weekend the work of Grazia Toderi at the Loggia dei Vini will come alive with five moving ellipses from 9 pm at 24 by drawing a celestial map.

Last Day!

It is Sunday morning and after a sleepy breakfast served on our terraces you will be ready to go out and enjoy the beauty of Rome with a slow and relaxed walk towards the center. For the more sporty, what about starting with a walk in the countryside and a view of Rome to lose your head? Then straight back towards Villa Borghese to reach the Casina Valadier viewpoint and walk up the steps of Trinità dei Monti until you reach Piazza di Spagna. Alternatively, take metro A and get off at Spagna. From here the best advice is to get lost in the heart of the center, following the names of the streets you like most and discovering squares, fountains, churches and its most famous streets including the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. We hope that the images of what you have experienced will remain in your hearts and, why not, if you wish, share your impressions with us!