Those who come to Rome in the Summer are usually motivated by some intelligent factors that have guided their choice. Normally Rome in the Summer is much less crowded, even because a good number of Romans take advantage of the warm months to take their summer holidays. The museums have no queues, the streets free of traffic; in short, a city within reach of tourists, where everything is much simpler. The choice to visit Rome in this period, therefore, is absolutely correct.

There is one thing, however, that surprises all those who decide to come to Rome in the height of summer: Rome in the summer is even more beautiful. To the convenience of having a much less crowded city is added a touch of magic, unexpected, that only this city can give. Rome goes hand in hand with summer, it is inextricably linked to it.

Here we tell you 10 things that we believe are absolutely to do in Rome in Summer, with one more thing: We prepare (and offer) the Pic-Nic in Rome.

  • The tour of the Churches of the Center

In summer in Rome it is hot. It is useless to imagine finding cool temperatures. It ranges from 28 to 34 degrees during the day while the night is normally very pleasant. The heat is concentrated in the hours ranging from 12 to 15, when the famous ponentino rises to cool the afternoons of the city.
Well, in the central hours one of the most beautiful experiences to do in Rome in the summer is to visit the churches in the center. Rich in works of art worthy of a museum such as the Vatican Museums or the Louvre, from Caravaggio to Michelangelo, silent and fascinating, they are architectural jewels that in addition have the characteristic of always being very fresh. Months would not be enough to visit them all, a unique heritage in the world and available for free to all.


  • A long aperitif in the alleys of Piazza Navona

It is really difficult to transfer the feeling of sitting comfortably at a table, outdoors, at the end of the day, in one of those bars in the alleys of the center. The light of this time of day, around 6 pm, the light wind, the silence of the alleys around Piazza Navona which is interrupted by the sound of the thousand bells of Rome, all together, to mark the beginning of the evening. A magic that involves all the senses of our body, which recalls ancient, eternal fascinations, and which reminds us once again that we are in Rome.

roma-in -summer

  • A Pic-nic at Villa Borghese

We have already written it in an article of our “live from Rome”, Rome is the European city with the largest extension of green areas. Of parks and villas. You are spoiled for choice to organize a picnic in one of these wonderful villas. We talked about it here. For the summer we recommend Villa Borghese, perhaps with a visit to the museum, Galleria Borghese, immediately before the picnic.


  • Night walks

The very pleasant temperatures of the summer nights in Rome have always invited long, exciting walks. It is impossible not to want to get lost in the streets of the center, pampered by the beauty of the city and the mild temperatures. Here and there you will find open bars, where you can drink wine or a cappuccino. It is impossible to describe the sensation you get when you find yourself, by pure chance, in front of the Trevi Fountain with the sound of the water gushing from its fountains.


  • A trip to Tivoli, between Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este

Termini station is located a few steps from our 4-star hotel in Rome, from where trains leave for all destinations. One of these destinations, just a few minutes away, is Tivoli. Here there are two of the most beautiful “villas” in Rome: Villa Adriana, built by the emperor Hadrian in 117 AD and the Renaissance Villa D’Este. Immersed in nature, between gardens and wonderful buildings, they are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  • The sea near Rome

Rome is also a city with direct access to the sea, that of Ostia, a municipality of Rome. It is located 30 minutes by metro from the center and is full of establishmentsyou bathe. But always close to Rome there are other wonderful seaside destinations. Sabaudia, for example, Gaeta to the south, or Capalbio and the Maremma to the north. In 1 hour by car, or by train, you can easily reach beautiful beaches where you can spend a day at the beach.


  • The Appia Antica

Another experience to do in the summer in Rome is a bike ride along the ancient Appian Way. As soon as you cross Porta San Sebastiano (a wonderful gateway through the Hadrian walls) you begin to walk along the Appian Way. A few kilometers and the road becomes closed to cars and available to pedestrians and bicycles. Surrounded by the countryside that creeps up to the gates of the ancient city, the Via Appia Antica is a succession of works of art, mausoleums and ancient ruins that follow one another as we step on authentic Roman paving. An unforgettable outdoor experience.


  • A tour in Naples

From Termini station, a few steps from our Hotel Alpi, you can reach the center of Naples in just one hour. Starting early in the morning, let’s say at 8:00, at 9:00 you can have a second breakfast overlooking the Gulf of Naples, spend the day in the streets of the center, eat pizza for dinner and return to your Hotel 4 stars in Rome. In comfort.


  • The Lakes near Rome

A short distance from Rome you can easily reach several lakes. Lake Nemi, Lake Castel Gandolfo (Historic summer residence of the papacy), Lake Bracciano, with its splendid medieval village, or Lake Vico. An excursion among natural beauties and medieval testimonies of the Rome region.


  • Do absolutely nothing

It’s summer. We are in Rome. We can enjoy the city in total freedom without planning visits or walks and let the city itself carry us. And, rest assured, it will.

We are waiting for you.