The 5 Best Places in Rome to Take Photographs

…and where to look like a professional photographer!

Rome, according to statistics that sometimes come up from Instagram or Tripadvisor, is one of the most photographed cities in the world. On this, let’s imagine, nobody will be particularly surprised, being also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Photos taken with Smartphones to share on social network, to be jealously stored in your holiday album. We think that the beauty of a photo is not only in itself, but in the fact of having taken it in person, at that moment, in that place.

Well in these few lines we want to recommend the 5 best places in Rome where to take photographs that will make you look like real professionals! To be shared, to keep for yourself. So beautiful that it is almost impossible to take bad photographs .. Let’s start with what we think is the 1st.

1) Ponte Umberto I

Ponte Umberto I Roma


From Ponte Umberto I you can take wonderful photographs towards the Vatican and the Cupolone. Best time? The sunset .. when the sun falls just behind the wonderful Roman dome. The photos you can take are like this (trust us.. it’s impossible to miss):



2) Piazza della Rotonda, Pantheon



A classic of Roman photos. It is almost inevitable to photograph the Pantheon once it has been discovered, perhaps by chance coming out of one of the adjacent small alleys. At night it is the best time, or just after twilight, when the lights illuminate from below the colonnade and the figure of this splendid Temple imposes itself on the whole square. We suggest photographing it exactly from the point where the Pin is on the map. And the photo will look like this:



3) Roman Forum – Via Monte Tarpeo



This is a very central place in Rome but that few know. Just behind the Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, along the road that leads to the temple of Janus and the Bocca della Verità, there is a small open space, a terrace overlooking the Roman Forum that leaves you breathless. Especially with the lights of the night or at sunset. 2700 years of history along the Via Sacra that passes through the Forum, goes back to the Palatine Hill passing under the Arc de Triomphe to reach the Colosseum. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world to take photographs. Guaranteed! The photos you can do are these:



4) Appia Antica – Via Appia Antica



Not everyone knows via Appia Antica but we assure you that it is a walk that is worth doing. It’s a bit like walking in an open-air museum, immersed in the vegetation that from the center of Rome reaches far beyond the limits of the built city, towards Naples. On foot or by bike, the Appian Way is truly a sight to be experienced and photographed. Eg ..:



5) Il Giardino degli Aranci, Via di Santa Sabina



This is another photographic gem that we recommend you visit. But bring a camera with a good zoom, mobile phones can not portray the charm of this place. A small road immersed in a park of orange trees, which is filled with flowers in the spring and orange then, which leads the eye towards the Cupola of St. Peter. Almost embedded between Pines and street lamps. A marvel where to spend a late afternoon in absolute contemplation.