Hokusai in Rome

200 artworks of the Japanese Master, in an unmissable exhibition at the Ara Pacis Museum of Rome.
Hokusai. Sulle orme del maestro.

The Great Wave is certainly his international manifesto, included also in the 36 Views of Mount Fuji. An artist not so famous in Europe yet, with exception of his Great Wave, even if he has influenced many artists of the ‘800 such as Manet, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh and Monet, protagonists of the Japonisme movement.

Around 200 words coming from the Chiba City Museum of Art, and from important Japanese collections, like Uragami Mitsuru Collection and Kawasaki Isago No Sato Museum, plus Genova’s Museo D’Arte Orientale Edoardo Chiossone.

Hokusai experienced many different subjects in his works, nature and its views, animals and flowers, female, warriors and kabuki actors’portraits, anf the shaps of ghosts and spirits of mithycal creatures.

The exhibitions focuses on the most famous series of Hokusai’s works: from the 36 Views of Mount Fuji and a rolled parchment painting of Mount Fuji, showed for the first time in Italy, in first preview. An amazing journey in the Japan of the beginning of the ‘800, waterfalls, bridges and natural landscapes from the further regions, famous views of Mount Fuji, lodges and restaurants and stations of the Tōkaidō, connecting Edo ( Tokyo) to Kyoto.


A country, Japan, that we from Hotel Alpi love deeply, and know also thanks to the tourists staying with us, narrated through their eyes, and the paint brushes of an artist conveying Japan’s spirit, its strength and daily issues, of a beautiful tough era.

Come visit us and the beautiful exhibition, putting together in one trip the magic of the Roman Autumn and the magic of Old Japan.